Monday, February 19, 2007

Norv Turner replaces Marty in San Diego.

The Chargers have replaced Marty Schottenheimer with Norv Turner. This will be Turner's third stint as a NFL Head Coach. Now one of the main reasons the Chargers said was behind the firing of Marty was his playoff success or lack there of, so what do they do? They hire someone who's only been in the playoffs once in which he went 1-1 and someone who's career record is just 52-82-1. Great move guys, yeah lets go with someone who has proven not to be a great coach instead of one of the many young coordinators with great upside. Yeah let's do that.

And don't be surprised if the Chargers have another great year, I mean they had what, 11 Pro-Bowlers this season, in which all are going return. I mean I could probably coach the Chargers to a playoff birth and I have what is known as a bit of an "literacy problem". Look, i'm sure Norv Turner is a great choice, he's a players coach, he installed the current offense that is run in San Diego, but I just kind of like the idea of someone like Ron Rivera of the Bears or Rex Ryan of the Ravens getting a chance to show their stuff so to speak.

Speaking of Ron Rivera, the Chicago Bears have decided to go another way, meaning they fired him. Sources are saying the negotiations between the Bears and Ron Rivera's representatives have broken off because of disagreements to an extension. So after having "great" interviews with 9 different teams for Head Coaching jobs, Rivera is expected to become unemployed. Hey Ron, when were standing in the unemployment line, can I get an autograph or something?

Update: ESPN is now reporting that the Chargers have signed Ron Rivera as their new Linebackers coach. WTF, looks like i'll be standing alone in that line.

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