Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ok, I admit defeat.

I feel a lot like Roy Williams at this point. Some may remember when Roy Williams left me speechless a couple of months ago when he guaranteed a victory over the Chicago Bears only to eventually lose by 27 points.

With that said, just five days ago, I guaranteed a win over Depaul. On a side note I must mention, anytime someone guarantees a win, one of two things will happen. Either you guarantee a win and you win, you look like a genius for calling it and receive praise from everyone that you know, or you guarantee it and you lose, resulting ultimate embarrassment because you rode around your office on a sled being pulled by actual huskies with fitted jerseys of the UConn players for the past couple of days. I,of course am the latter.

UConn fell once again, this time to Depaul. No, sadly I did not stutter. Depaul beat us, 66-58. Jim Calhoun decided to go with another new starting lineup this time benching Jerome Dyson for the first time all season, who coincidentally led us in scoring with 16. In his replace was Craig Austrie, one of the two players currently on our roster that got significant playing time last year. He didn't really fair to well, only scoring 9 points in 27 minutes. To add insult to injury, as a team we shot 37% from the field. Let me talk a little about the number 37. Last night against Texas Tech, Kevin Durant scored 37 points, he's a freshman. We scored exactly 37 points in the second half last night, last year a 3-foot women gave birth....the women weighed only 37 pounds and just a few weeks ago, CBP Border Patrol seized 37 pounds of marijuana. I'm sure you see where i'm going with this...ok fine, that last two have absolutely nothing to do with sports, but damn, that's a lot of weed.

With this latest loss we will most likely miss our shot at the NCAA Tournament. And if we can't pull off a couple of upsets in our remaining games, we could miss out on the Big East Tournament. Hello NIT.

In other news, Virginia Tech also lost last night. Their lost to N.C. State, 70-59, snapped their 10-game home winning streak. This loss also capped off what was a very special month of January for the Hokies, with wins over Duke, UNC, Maryland, GT and Miami. Oh and just a side note, the Hokies shot 35% from the field. I won't go into detail on that one though.

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