Thursday, February 15, 2007

If the Bulls trade Ben Gordon I will die.

Some recent rumors have surfaced that say the Chicago Bulls are contemplating on trading either Ben Gordon or Luol Deng, P.J. Brown(he has an expiring contract), a first round pick and one of their 2006 1st round draft picks, Tyrus Thomas or Thabo Sefolosha to the Grizzles for Pau Gasol. Damn that is one long sentence. Anyways, this trade makes absolutely no sense for the Bulls. I mean why in the hell would they want to start giving away there great young players for a 20 and 10 guy who has never won a playoff game.

Gordon is a 20+ scorer with a couple rebounds and assist and a game winner every so often, Deng is averaging near 20 points as well plus 7 rebounds and although Thomas and Sefolosha are both averaging less than 4 points a game they are both extremely young and will develop into NBA starters in the near future.

Don't get me wrong, Pau Gasol is a good player but the Bulls are looking for a forward that can help them make the playoffs and contribute to playoff wins. Gasol has taken his Grizzles to the playoffs three times and they were swept all three times, at least Gordon and Deng have had some playoff success(Deng not so much, he broke his wrist) and Gordon led a certain team to a NCAA Championship. I'm sure if you think real hard you recall the team I am referring to. Seriously this deal is beyond stupid from the Bull's stand point. Talk about a one sided deal, this trade if it were to happen would make me look smart when I paid $1000 for pure cut Columbian baking powder. Let's just say, I had no intention of buying baking powder.(Paublo, you son of a bitch, I want my money back, that was so not what I paid for.)

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