Monday, February 19, 2007

The Nets are going to do what?

Talks are reportedly heating up between the New Jersey Nets and the Orlando Magic. The Nets are planning on getting rid of majority of their "good" players in Vince Carter and Jason Kidd. Playing with ESPN's nifty Trade Machine I have came up with a trade that would benefit both teams.

NJN get- F Grant Hill and G Keyon Dooling
ORL get- G/F Vince Carter and F Jason Collins

This trade would make total sense, Grant Hill has a $16M expiring contract and Keyon Dooling would basically be a through in with a small expiring contract. And for the Magic they would get a pure scorer that they don't have right now and Jason Collins is just someone who has a $5M contract that the Nets want nothing to do with. They want to add him with the potential trade that involves G Jason Kidd to the Lakers but the Lakers wouldn't be able to supply an expiring contract of that magnitude. And if the Nets do go ahead and trade Jason Kidd(which is likely) and Vince it would free up around $35M on next year's salary cap. If the Vince trade goes through I will then have to join Davey as an Orlando Magic fan, where ever Vince goes, I go. Jameer Nelson at the point, Vince at the two guard, Hedo Turkoglu at forward, Darko at the other foward and Dwight Howard at center....say it with me now....CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

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