Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Final Heisman Update.

Before we get started, I made a mistake. I said earlier that I had had Troy Smith #1 on my Heisman list the whole season. Well, I just checked all my Heisman post and was shocked to find out that in Week 4 I had Adrian Peterson ranked #1 and Smith #2. It's not a big deal, if you look at the stats, Peterson deserved it, but I was pretty sure I had Smith #1 the whole time, oh well.

At 7:55 PM, one of Troy Smith's biggest dreams came through. He was awarded the 2006 Heisman Memorial Trophy. He deserved it, after the season that he had, it was hard to argue that he shouldn't have received it. But the most important stat that you won't see in the stat books, the one stat that won him the most highley regarded award in all of College Football, was his leadership. When Jim Tressell needed someone to step up, Troy was there, whenever The Ohio State needed a score, Troy was leading them.

I have been watching the Heisman presentation for many years now and never have I heard a speach quite like Troy's. I mean Reggie's last year was outstanding, when he was talking about his step dad, brought a little tear to my eye. But Troy's was great. I have never heard some one give most of the credit to his offensive line, he even named all of them.(Unlike MeShawn) Troy Smith is a senior and in April he will be going to New York once again for the NFL Draft. Right now he's projected to be late first or an early second round pick. I pretty much agree with that, but I think he will be a very good pro, he will probably be a slash player kind of like Kordell Stewart and Antwan Randel El. But eventually he could be a starting quarterback, hopefully.

The votes, like I thought, weren't even close. Troy broke the record previously held by last year's winner, Reggie Bush, with 86.7% percent of the first place votes. Also his total point value(2,540) ranked third all-time. Only behind a couple of Trojans, O.J. Simpson( 2,853) and Reggie Bush(2,541).

Final votes:

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 1st-801, 2nd- 62, 3rd-13, Total- 2540

2. Darren McFadden RB(ARK) 1st- 45, 2nd- 298, 3rd- 147, Total- 878

3. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 1st- 13, 2nd- 276, 3rd- 191, Total-782

4. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) 1st- 6 2nd- 51 3rd- 94, Total- 214

5. Mike Hart RB(MICH) 1st- 5, 2nd- 58, 3rd- 79, Total- 210

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