Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mario who???

Last April when the Houston Texans had the number draft pick, everyone thought they would take Reggie Bush. Well everyone but the Houston Texans. When it came time for them to make their pick they chose Mario Williams, defensive end out of North Carolina State University. WHAT??? You pass up the Heisman trophy winner and future great, Reggie Bush for a good lineman?

So far this season Reggie Bush hasn't been, as a whole, great. But he has been very good returning kicks and slowly but surely inching closer to that receptions for a rookie record. But he hasn't really shown what we all thought we would. The multiple touchdowns, the ankle breaking moves, the type of runs that make you say "wow". Well....he's back.

Entering Sundays game vs. San Francisco, Reggie Bush's numbers have been good, not great but good. But he blew up that stat books with his crazy game against the niners. 10 carries 37 yards 3 TDs , 9 receptions 131 yards and 1 TD and 4 return yards. 142 total yards, 4 total touchdowns and some of the sweetest 9 yard runs you'll ever see.

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