Monday, December 18, 2006

Live Blog (Bengals @ Less than Reputable Colts) 1st Half

0:00- And Carson gets stripped again.

0:01- The Bengals will get one more shot at a 50+ hail mary.

0:13- Manning to Marvin round 2....not helping me boys... Indy-17 Cin-10

0:17- Peyton ran again...this time he looked more like himself running...a loss of 3.

3:54- Manning just took off for a 14 yard run...he runs like an old guy with a plastic hip...but it got the job done I guess.

5:07- Peyton Manning is finally sacked...I have to felt good seeing him drop to his knees and accept it.

6:35- Jeff Sunday...I mean Saturday was called fora big penalty that took away a big play.

6:49- Touchdown Bengals....that was the one of the easiest rushing touchdowns you'll ever see. Cin-10 Ind-10

8:10- Reggie McNeal....yes that McNeal, rushed for a first down.

8:58- Terrence Wilkins muffed the punt and the Bengals recovered now we get it back at the Colts' 25.

9:09- I'm speechless....a three and out for the Colt's defense...

10:25- Manning to Marvin...again....Colts 10-3...

11:05- Wow, I haven't seen a hole close that fast since....umm let's leave that one alone.

12:28- Joseph Addai runs for a first down and the Colts are in the redzone again.

14:51- Marvin Harrison makes Jonathan Joseph look like....well a rookie.

Start of the 2nd Quarter

End of the 1st Quarter.....Cincinnati-3 Indianapolis-3

0:54- Troy Walters with a nice return...Kevin Kaesviharn has about 68 tackles already, he's in every play.

1:01- The former Hokie bangs it through again...Shayne Graham ties it with a short field goal...Cin-3 Ind-3

1:05- Chris Henry just dropped a touchdown, and Davey just shed a single tear.

2:52- First Down Chad...get used to hearing that tonight.

3:33- Rudi Johnson just ran over and through Cato June and Robert Morris for a big first down.

6:27- Rudi Johnson picks up a short first down. Yep, Colts still can't stop the run.

8:03- Ben Utecht drops the first down so they have to settle for a Vinatieri feild Goal.... Cin-0 Ind-3

8:07- Indy is forced to use their first's 3rd and 6.

9:42- The Colts pick up a first down, and I hate them a little more.

12:35- First play for Indy and it's a 6 yard pass to Ricky Proehl.

12:44- Carson Palmer dropped back right into a wall named Dwight Freeny, he fumbled and the Colts recovered. 1st Down Indy.

12:51- During the Timeout, the Colts challenged the catch and it was catch for Chad.

12:51- Carson's second pass is for 22 yards to Chad...Chad got up a little slow so Marvin Lewis called a timeout.

13:27- On Rudi Johnson's second run, he fumbled but of course, the great Chad Johnson recovered it.

14:17- Chad Johnson introduced the Bengal's offense...hey look Keyshawn, he actually knows their names.

15:00- Bengals received first and returned it to their own 41 yard line.

1st Quarter

Tony Kornheiser's comb over is probably the worst thing on television since...well last week when Tony Kornhiser was on t.v.

Ben Stiller is wearing a Peyton Manning jersey...great now Davey has to take back his copy of "Along Came Polly".

Chris "You're With Me Leather" Berman projected the score to 60-50 Colts...hmmm okay.

Chad Johnson's neat shoes will definitely get him a purdy little fine.

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