Friday, December 08, 2006

Big week in Baseball.

Well as you may know, this week was one of the busiest/frustrating times in baseball. The Winter Meetings. It's basically when GMs gather in a hotel and make deals and god only knows what else. I'm not saying that they aren't doing their job, i'm just saying shit can happen when you get a couple of prune daiquiris in ya. This year the meetings were held at Disney Land. That way the GM's could attempt to feel young again by riding roller coasters, stay up past their bed times(8 pm), etc. I'm sure they had the time of their lives in between trades/signings. Those GMs are all old(except for Epstein...he's young so he doesn't count) so I would imagine this was their average days...

3:30 AM: Wake up at the crack of too damn early.

3:32 AM: Try and find your tentures so you don't scare the little kids.

3:45 AM: Get dressed in their finest suits and finest suspenders(John Schuerholz...) and start to walk downstairs to catch breakfast.

3:58 AM: Still walking.

4:25 AM: Stop for a potty break...old people pee alot.

4:47 AM: Yep, still walking.

5:03 AM: Finally they arrive and find out that they are serving their favorites...Bran cereal, prune juice, Flintstone vitamins and a hearty glass of ensure. Life is good.

5:45 AM: Finish breakfast and they all go to a room to talk trades.

11:27 AM: Stop for a lunch break and go to the theme park.

12:49 PM: Decide to go back to the hotel becasue of all the GM's complain that Goofy scared the shit out of them, literally. Someone forgot the depends.

1:32 PM: Arrive back at the hotel but one GM almost falls out of the car and breaks a hip.

2:41 PM: Start up the talks again....

5: 27 PM: Eat dinner, Oh goody its mac and cheese night, and applesauce for desert.

6:40 PM: Nothing else to do so decide to call some "entertainment" and more of the delicious daiquiris.

7:02 PM: The "entertainment" arrives and it nearly kills about 26 of the GM's because it was a stripper...and when they were asked if they wanted entertainment they thought it would be a good game of risk.

7:58 PM: A long and interesting day comes to an end and its off to bed for these very busy and tired little tikes.

That was my vision of a average day in the life of the GM's at Disney Land.

Of course there always has to be one knucklehead that has to over do it. Cubs' GM, Jim Hendry had to undergo an Angioplasty Wednesday. I'm not sure what triggered this but it was probably because he just realized how much money he had spent over the last couple of weeks.

Other news:

John Schuerholz pulled off one of the best trades in some time. He shipped injury plagued and less than average starting pitcher, Horacio Ramirez to Seattle for a stud reliever, Rafeal Soriano. Seattle was desperate for starting pitching that is the only reason why I can think that they would accept a trade as lopsided as this one...touché John....touché.

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