Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.... the Virginia Tech defense?

Damn skippy! I have a new title for the awesome Virginia Tech Hokie defense, The Fantasic Three( I could only afford three jumpsuits...).

1. Xavier Adibi = Superman

Xavier Adibi makes Superman look like Adam Morrison after that loss to UCLA last year. Not many people know this, but Adibi is Superman's love child, Adibi was conceived after a late Duran Duran show in Topeka, Kansas.(That's how he rollzz)I'm super duper serial!!! Go ahead, take a close look, you'll see the resemblence. "X" can do it all, when he's not forcing opponets to contemplate retirement he flies(did I mention that he can fly? Hmm, probably should mentioned that, oh well) over to differant countries just to have sex with only the most gorgeous women and pillage those countries and take their gold and shit (and that hasn't happened since like 1850, so you know they were like " what the does pillage mean? I think it's a type of biscuit, then why is he taking your watch?...but you know, in differant accents)

2. Victor "Macho" Harris = The Flash

The Flash has nothing on Macho Harris, Harris and Flash had a race last Tuesday. Not only did Macho win, he got his Christmas shopping done, saved a girl scout from a grizzly bear, went through the adoption process and adopted a baby from Antigua and named him Steve and renewed his driver's licenes at the DMV all before The Flash heard "Go". Yeah, I know...your jealous he's not on your team.

3. Vince Hall = Captain America

What more can you say, the man can do no wrong. But unlike Captain America, Vince Hall doesn't need a stupid shield, he doesn't need any armor(wait, do pads count?) I'm not sure if there is a player that hits harder or reads the quarterback better than Hall. Shit, he came out of his mom watching game tape and even takled the doctor for smacking his heinie to hard(thats right, I said heinie, so what, you wanna fight about it?....But just don't hit me too hard, I tend to bruise easy and is there anything less attractive than a grown man weeping? I thought so.)

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