Monday, December 18, 2006

Live Blog (Bengals @ the less than Reputable Colts) second half.

Game Over.....Colts beat the Bengals 34-16

1:32- Dwight Freeny just made Carson fumble again...recovered by Bengals.

1:59- I still don't understand why were running the ball and doing screens....throw it deep...stupid

4:30- Dwight Freeny forced another fumble...but this one was recovered by the Bengals...

4:41- Tick, Tick , Tick....the clock just winding down now...this was a bad loss tonight...

5:30- Ricky Proehl dropped a ball forcing the Colts to add to their lead with another FG... Indy-34 Cin-16...

8:21- Rhodes is just running over us right now...pick up of 16.

11:14- Chad Johnson dropped a first down ball and the Bengals forced to punt.

11:27- The call was upheld...still Bengals ball...3rd and 10.

11:27- Palmer hit as he throws again....Indy is challenging that it was a fumble...not an incomplete pass.

12:18- after 2 back-to-back almost interceptions....the Colts go three and out.

13:07- Great, another field goal that doesn't really help us....Indy-31 night gets a little worse.

13:42- Ok, can someone please explain to me why we are still running/swing passing the ball when were down by 18?

Start of the 4th Quarter

2:10- Chad Johnson just went to the locker that takes away another weapon...come on....get it together Carson.

2:16- Another TD for Indy...this time to Reggie Wayne....Indy-31 Cin-13

3:33- Right now the Colts are just completing passes at will...we need a turnover....bad.

5:43- The Indy D all of sudden is play very well...pressuring Carson and making him throw earlier and/or off the back foot....not good....not good at all for my Bengals.

6:36- Manning to Marvin round 3....ok, I would really like for that combo to stop for the night...Ind-24 Cin-13

7:24- Joseph Addai just busted off a 40+ yard run to take the Colts to the 5 yard line...great move having him on my bench...

9:14- After a stop on 3rd down, Cincy will have to settle for another Shayne Graham field goal...Ind-17 Cin-13

10:31- Much like myself, it takes Rudi Johnson a couple of seconds to find the hole...but when he does....he pounds it...oh yeah

11:28- T.J. Houshmanzadeh with a big gain....first down Bengals.

12:07- Indy elected to go for it on 4th and 1 and they were stuffed.

14:47- The Colts received it and after a 6 yard dump pass to Rhodes....Joe Theisman used the word "niftiness" ...that makes me want to break his leg.

Start of the Second half

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