Thursday, March 08, 2007

Baltimore? Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

Just moments ago, the Baltimore Ravens acquired runningback, Willis McGahee in exchange for 2007 3rd and 7th round draft picks and 2008 3rd round draft pick. The Bills reportedly traded McGahee over a contract dispute, McGahee wanted an extension before the year started and Buffalo wasn't willing to provide him with that quite yet. McGahee has $2.155 remaining and 1 year left on his current contract and league sources say McGahee and the Ravens have already began discussions on an extension.

McGahee was very public with his trade demand, and it was widely thought that he would be dealt to the New York Giants who had shown keen interest in the former first-round selection. Baltimore was late to the party so-to-speak, they had wanted to try and re-sign Jamal Lewis but he signed with Cleveland last night and without anyone who could shoulder the load on their current roster, Baltimore quickly pulled the trigger before anyone else could make a serious offer.

Buffalo's 1st-round pick out of Miami in 2003, had a down season in which he rushed for a career-low 990 yards and 6 touchdowns.

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