Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ladies and Gents, I present to you, The 2007-08 Super Bowl Champion...

The NFL Fanhouse is reporting that the New England Patriots and Donte' Stallworth have agreed to a 6-year $32 million deal that would give the 25-year old wide receiver almost $12 million guaranteed. Although they did update with reports that the deal is premature.

I had mentioned earlier that the Patriots were still desperately searching for the elusive "#1 receiver" and if this deal has legs, they may have just found him. Although Stallworth only played in 12 games last season, he racked up 725 yards on just 38 receptions, 5 touchdowns and an impressive average of 19.1 per catch. Meaning he is a HUGE big play threat and if he can stay healthy he can be an All-Pro wide out and then add Tom Brady in the mix, the Patriots are going to be awfully hard to beat, no matter what Davey says.

The New England Patriots have been very busy during the past week, here's their moves.


1. Adalius Thomas- Outside Linebacker(BAL)
2. Wes Welker- Wide Receiver(MIA)
3. Sammy Morris- Runningback(MIA)
4. Kyle Brady- Tight End(Jacksonville)


1. Corey Dillion- Runningback
2. Daniel Graham- Tight End

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