Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Falcons trade Matt Schaub to the Texans

The NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Atlanta Falcons have agreed to trade quarterback, Matt Schaub to the Houston Texans in exchange for second-round draft pick, and maybe other compensation, most likely money.

"By day's end, the Atlanta Falcons will trade backup quarterback Matt Schaub to the Houston Texans, according to NFL sources. The Texans will surrender a second-round draft pick, and there could be other compensation involved.

The trade has massive ramifications. The Texans have their quarterback of the future, which David Carr no longer is. The Falcons are reaffirming their faith in Michael Vick, who now also needs a new backup. And the Texans are out of the Brady Quinn derby, leaving the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins as possible landing spots."

Not only does this trade prove that the Falcons are indeed loyal to Michael Vick, this trade is surely to shake up the top-10 in the draft yet again. Over the past few weeks, reports that the Texans were heavily scouting Notre Dame's Brady Quinn and they were leaning towards taking him with their 8th overall pick come April. Well Obviously they will no longer have a need for him and will instead turn their focus on upgrading the secondary, runningback or the offensive line. Possibilities on who they will choose are Adrian Peterson, running back out of Oklahoma, Levi Brown, offensive tackle out of Penn State and LaRon Landry, safety out of LSU.

Updated: The deal is official now and it includes the Falcons and Texans swapping first round picks, the Falcons getting a 2nd round draft pick this season and next season.

HOU Gets: QB Matt Schaub and 2007 10th overall pick.

ATL Gets: 2007 8th overall pick, 2007 2nd round pick(39th overall) and 2008 2nd round pick.

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