Thursday, March 01, 2007

Breaking News: Dre' Bly traded to the Broncos.

In a move that seemingly helps both teams out, the Lions have traded cornerback Dre' Bly to the Denver Broncos for runningback Tatum Bell and offensive tackle George Foster. The deal actually makes a lot of sense for both teams, the Broncos have been searching for a replacement for Darrent Williams who was murdered a few months ago and the Lions upgraded their poor offensive line and added depth at runningback. The Lion's starter, Kevin Jones will most likely miss the start of the season due to his foot injury that happened last season, so Bell, who rushed for over 1,ooo yards for Denver, would like receive the bulk of the rushes next season.

Not to mention the Bronco's now have argubly the best duo at cornerback with defensive player of the year runner up, Champ Bailey and now with the addition of Dre' Bly. A lot of teams are going to find it quite hard to launch a successful passing attack against the already stout defense of the Broncos.

Denver- CB Dre' Bly
Detroit- RB Tatum Bell and OT George Foster

In other news, the Pittsburgh Steelers have released Pro-Bowl linebacker, Joey Porter. This move kind of caught me off guard. But then I thought, well he is in the final year of his contract and the Steelers probably think Porter would hold out to get another deal. He had a $1M roster bonus coming along with $4M for his final year. But this also could be one of those “release and sign” deals. But that’s risky, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone snatches him up quickly. The Ravens maybe, who need another OLB that can succeed in a 3-4 scheme since Adalius Thomas is leaving for Free-Agency.

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