Friday, March 09, 2007

Big Names getting Big Deals pt. 4

The Seahawks have to re-write history in order to sign Grant.

The Seattle Seahawks were content on not losing out on another highly touted free agent, and they were willing to pay in order to secure safety Deon Grant. The Seahawks and Grant agreed to a 6-year $30 million deal and included into the deal is a signing bonus that is certainly going to raise some eyebrows because it is being reported to have topped the $11.1 million given to Dallas Cowboy's safety, Roy Williams. If in deed it is higher than that then it would be the highest signing bonus given to a safety in NFL history.

Deon Grant is very athletic and durable, he has started in 96 consecutive games. He is also a very good coverage safety that will surely upgrade the Seahawks dismal secondary. The 6'2" 210 pound safety registered 60 tackles last season and 2 interceptions.

The Rams sign one of the best tight ends in football; and I find another reason to hate them.

The St.Louis Rams have agreed to terms with recently released tight end, Randy McMichael. It is a 3-year $11 million and includes a $3 million signing bonus. The craziest part of this deal is year-by-year breakdown. McMichael is an absolute bargain, he will be getting $1.5 million in 2007, $2.9 million in 2008 and $3.6 in 2009. And just think, the Miami Dolphins released him over the $3 million he was owed for a roster bonus. Meh!

hate all the Ram's fact I like exactly 3 of them, well 4 now with the signing of I'm sure not many people that read this blog(all 3, not including Grandma) are unaware of my hatred for the St.Louis Rams. Well, it exists even though I am a resident of St.Louis(sadly) and it is partly because of the 1999-00' Super Bowl, when I was a fan of the Tennessee Titans(before they threw dirt in their great players such as Eddie George) and the Rams beat them by that 1 fucking yard. But that is a story for another time. Anyways I don't necessarily McMichael, I think Steven Jackson is a great runningback, Torry Holt is one of the best wide receivers I have had the pleasure of watching over the years and Marc Bulger is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league. But I hate Kurt Warner(even though he doesn't play there anymore) , I hate Mike "can't manage a game" Martz and I especially hate Mike Fucking Jones(no, not the rapper.)

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