Thursday, March 22, 2007

The possibility of Green to the Dolphins is "still likely".

According the Palm Beach Post, all that stands in the way of the Miami Dolphins acquiring veteran quarterback, Trent Green, is a restructured contract. If all sides can work out a deal then the former Pro-Bowl QB will be sent to Miami in exchange for a 2007 7th round draft pick. The 36-year old QB was injured in the Chiefs' first game against the Cincinnati Bengals when he collided, head first, with Bengal's defensive end, Robert Geathers. He sat out majority of the season with that severe concussion and in his absence emerged Damon Huard. Huard threw for 1,878 yards, 11 touchdowns and just 1 touchdown. I know, impressive right? That hell of half season earned him the nickname "Meast" given to him by a huge group of followers(ok, just two people and Meast is short for Man/Beast, yeah, sounded much better right before I went into )

Trent Green was less than spectacular in his return, throwing for just 1,342 yards, 7 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in 8 games. The Dolphins want Green for another insurance policy for Daunte Culpepper, who rushed back from his injury(tore ACL, MCL, PCL and all the other "CL's") and was finally benched after 4 miserable games. It is still a suspect on whether Culpepper will be ready to go at the start of the 2007 season, and he should, I mean he's had almost two full years to recover. Green would likely get the starting job if he isn't ready to go over Cleo Lemon who started the Dolphin's final game.

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