Monday, March 05, 2007

Big Names getting Big Deals pt.3.

After the Broncos trade Tatum Bell, they sign runningback Travis Henry.

The Denver Broncos are going to try something new this season. Instead of taking a random runningback and turn him into a 1000 yard rusher, they are going to sign a known 1000 yard rusher and see what happens. After they traded starter, Tatum Bell to the Lions, the Broncos had a bit of a hole at RB, a hole that will be filled quite nicely by Henry. The deal is reportedly a 5-year deal that includes $12 million guaranteed.

The New York Jets rape the Bears of their starting runningback.

In a shocking move Monday, the Chicago Bears agreed to trade Thomas Jones and their 2nd round pick(63rd overall) to the Jets in exchange for one of their 2nd round draft picks(37th overall). Jones was frustrated when Cedric Benson started receiving more and more carries as the season went along. That prompted the 1,210 back to request a trade as soon as the offseason started. So just a quick breakdown, the Bears give up a Pro-Bowl like runnningback who still has many years ahead of him just to move up in 26 spots in the 2nd round. I am still not seeing the point of this trade, if you could be so kind, explain it to me. Please?

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