Friday, March 16, 2007

A conversation amongst friends.

Well the Hokies-Illini game is on right now and surprisingly me and Davey are both getting it. Here's a little sample of how are intuitive conversation is going at the moment.

Davey: Hey Jay, what are you doing?
Jay: oh you know...just the usual...
Davey: snorting lines of coke off of a Cambodian hooker?
Jay: no, no...i'm watching the Hokies game...I only do that on holidays.
Davey: Oh, I see how's H2kies doing?
Jay: Kicking ass and taking always
Davey: Jay, they're losing
Jay: *sarcastic tone* uhh, Davey you don't have to be winning to be kicking ass..duh!
(Brian Randle scores)
Jay: Oh what the fuck, fuck that guy...I hear he kicks babies.
Davey: Hahahaha, now now...don't be starting rumors
Jay: whatever.....(Randle scores again) Oh what the fuck, fuck that guy...him and his unnecessary facial hair...he looks like fucking Juwan Howard. Go kick a baby you inconsiderate douche.
Davey: Hahahahahahaha...damn man, you killing me.
(Randle misses an alley-oop and it sails into the stands)
Jay: Hahahahahahaha...damn skippy he missed it, Deron Washington wouldn't have missed it.
Davey: Did you just use the phrase "damn skippy"?
Davey: oh never mind
(Offensive foul called on A.D. Vassallo)
Jay: Fuck that...offensive foul my ass...A.D., I demand you kick that man in the mouth...KICK HIM!
(Rich McBride hits a 3-pointer as he's falling down, and gets the foul)
Jay: fuck that...
Jay: fuck that....What happened to GRAVITY!!!...
Davey: Wow, come on, you gotta admit, that shot was nice
Jay: he cheated...I don't know how he did...but that bastard cheated
(Coleman Collins misses a break away dunk)
Jay: How do you miss an open dunk....what the hell...Oh now he's smiling...don't smile you thick necked muthafucka....
Jay: I take that back Mr. Collins...I just remembered you are a very large individual and you would beat me like Ike beats Tina.

More to come I's halftime Illinois leads 29-21

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