Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm surprised he was able to wait this long.

If you haven't heard, the Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver, Chris Henry, has run into more legal trouble after being cited for three traffic charges. The three charges were driving with a suspended license, making an illegal U-Turn and finally driving without a seatbelt.

This is what, his 4th arrest in the last 14 months and he still has charges pending for who knows what. If this latest charge sticks, then Henry will certainly be looking at some jail time, about 88 days in a Kentucky prison. Henry was convicted of a giving alcohol to minors a couple of months ago and was sentenced to 90 days in prison but only served 2 days and the rest of his sentence he was put on probation. It's true that these latest "crimes" aren't that serious, but his record almost makes Sidney Lowe Jr. look innocent.

Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan released a statement Tuesday from the team that said, "While the incident involved a minor traffic matter, the club is frustrated that the issue arose at all. ... Chris's overall future with our team can be determined only after this and other pending matters are resolved by the NFL."

I love Henry's playing ability, the kid has amazing talent and with him the Bengal's have one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. Standing at 6'4", Henry is the Bengal's number one threat in the redzone and not having a decent tight end means we desperately need Henry to get his shit together. Like I said, I love him on the field but he's a idiot that thinks he has to be hard and shit off the field, and no matter what anyone tells him, whether it be his own coach, the Commissioner of the NFL or a judge, Henry is going to do what he wants to do. So if he doesn't do something soon, go ahead, cut him or suspend him for the year and let him go out and get himself put back into prison or worse, killed.

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