Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Big Names getting Big Deals pt 3. (& trade rumors)

Daniel Graham is getting paid by the Broncos.

After Daniel Graham left the New England Patriots for more of a starting job and a bigger payday, well he has received both from the Denver Broncos. Late Tuesday night, the Broncos locked up the talented tight end with a 5-year $30 million and that includes $15 million in guaranteed money. Although Graham is very talented and is a good route runner and can be very useful in the redzone he hasn't had the "break-out" season quite yet. I am a fan of Graham and I think he will be great in Denver, because one of the biggest reason for him not having great numbers was the system he was in, in New England they run a two tight end system and sharing time with an unbelievable athlete like Ben Watson it's no wonder why he hasn't quite had his coming out party so to speak.

Minnesota is hoping Bobby Wade can solve their receiving problems.

Bobby Wade has been getting a lot of attention after entering free-agency and the Minnesota Vikings have locked up this young talented receiver before anyone else really got the chance to court him. Wade has agreed to a 5-year $15 million deal and he will likely start with the possibility of having some returning responsibilities. Included into is deal is $4 million in guaranteed money.

The Miami Dolphins and Trent Green are kinda into each other.

According to league sources, ever since the Kansas City Chiefs inked Damon Huard to a 3-year deal Green has been expressing his interest in being traded. And according to those same sources, the Miami Dolphins are extremely interested in acquiring the veteran quarterback. Green in all likely hood would be an insurance option in case Dante Culpepper isn't ready to go. And if he isn't then their is something seriously wrong with him, because that would give him almost two years to recover from his torn ACL, MCL, PCL and any other "CL's" he may have torn while in Minnesota.

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