Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Unnecessary use of spandex -1 any hope of a tourney run-0

For the third consecutive season, the Syracuse Orangemen have defeated my beloved UCONN Huskies in the Big East Tournament. Coming into the game on Tuesday afternoon, I had been aware that we had one chance and one chance only to make it to the NCAA Tournament and that would be an amazing run in the Big East Tourney and somehow make and upset unbelievable upset to win the whole damn thing. And of course, that didn't happen. The stupid spandex-wearing Orange defeated the Huskies, 78-65 thanks to dumb Demetris Nichols' 28 points and his "special friend", Eric Devendorf, and his equally dumb 19 points.

What makes this loss even more unbearable(if at all possible) is once again we had the lead at half-time and we end up giving it away at the end. So yes, that was a bad way to end a bad season, what's that? We still have the NIT you say? Well maybe not, according to this site, we're on the bubble for even a NIT bid. How embarrassing would that be? Pretty damn if you ask me. I mean how many teams have their been that were the #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament and advanced to the Elite 8 the previous season and not only miss the NCAA Tourney but the NIT Tourney as well, the following year? I don't have the statistics in front of me, but I can tell that there is many.

It was pretty evident that this season was beyond frustrating for Coach Jim Calhoun who went from arguably the most talented team last year(four 1st round picks in the NBA Draft) to one of the most inexperienced with no seniors or juniors that played an significant part for the team. Mid-way through the second half, he received a technical foul for kicking the the Big East sign in front of the scorer's table.

"When bad things happen to you by incompetent people, and they do happen to you at times, and as that built we became a little more frustrated," Calhoun said.

Although this was a horrible season, I'm not worried about the years to come, with outstanding play from freshman guard, Jerome Dyson and sophomore forward, Jeff Adrien the Huskies could be back to their usual winning ways next year. We really A.J. Price, Doug Wiggins or Craig Austrie to develop into a true point guard. It showed that we didn't have anyone that could manage the game on the court or set up guys with clean shots and it hurt us in the end. Better luck next year.

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