Friday, March 02, 2007

Free-Agency is now open.

Top 15 unrestricted free-agents

1. Nate Clements CB (BUF)

Clements is widely regarded as the top FA this year. This is one of the few times a top corner in his prime hits the free-agent market and you can bet that a lot of teams are going to be looking to add him.

Projected: Tennessee
Darkhorse: Cleveland

2. Adalius Thomas OLB (BAL)

The best hybrid linebacker in the NFL, he can played nearly every position on the 3-4 and 4-3 schemes. He has averaged 9.3 sacks over the past 3 season including 11 sacks in 2006. He is a superior athlete with, size, speed and power.

Projected: San Francisco
Darkhorse: Miami

3. Eric Steinbach OG (CIN)

He is a very durable linemen who has only missed 1 game in the last 4 seasons. Some teams believe he could be a standout tackle and several teams have said they feel he could be a Pro-Bowl center. Being only 26, Steinbach still has room to improve and could develop in to a top player at multiple positions on the line.

Projected: Cleveland
Darkhorse: none

4. Kris Dielman OG (SD)

An undrafted rookie that didn't play that much in his first two years, but over the past two seasons he has really developed into a great inside lineman. He is very strong, young and has great size standing at 6'4" 310 pounds.

Projected: Seattle
Darkhorse: Miami

5. Cato June OLB (IND)

He was a safety at the University of Michigan but switched to outside linebacker with the Colts. He is a bit undersized and has an issue with broken and missed tackles. But he is very good in the cover 2 scheme and is capable of covering most receivers.

Projected: Carolina
Darkhorse: Detroit

6. Leonard Davis OT (ARI)

He hasn't really played up to his potential after being the 2nd overall pick in 2001 but if he can tap into his potential he is easily one of the best left tackles in the NFL. He is versatile, playing every position on the line except center and is absolutely huge, 6'6" 365 pounds.

Projected: Miami
Darkhorse: Washington

7. Daniel Graham TE (NE)

Although he hasn't had more than 38 receptions in a season, he is an extremely talented pass catcher as well as a blocker. He has been overshadowed in New England's two tight end system and could easily be a Pro-Bowl type tight end on most teams.

Projected: Denver
Darkhorse: Seattle

8. London Fletcher-Baker OLB (BUF)

Although he is 31 years old, he is still a high energy tackling beast that is great at stopping the run in between the tackles. He will also provide instant veteran leadership to whatever team he lands with.

Projected: Washington
Darkhorse: none

9. Donte' Stallworth WR (PHI)

He is a speed receiver that can stretch the field and has good hands. He has been riddled by injuries and inconsistent play for majority of his short career. With that said, you can not over look his big play potential or the fact that he averaged a touchdown every 8th reception. He is expected to get a lot of intention this off-season.

Projected: Houston
Darkhorse: San Francisco

10. Ken Hamlin SS (SEA)

Hamlin overcame a serious head injury last season and returned to form making 96 tackles and 3 interceptions. He is fantastic against the run and is a big hitter that is most effective playing close to the line. He's a player that I like a lot and would really like it if the Bengals made a run at him.

Projected: Houston
Darkhorse: Carolina

11. Dewayne White DE (TB)

White is a very good pass rusher and some say he is capable of being a double-digit sacker if he gets to be a full-time starter. Expect him to get paid well from someone and should pay off if he is in the right situation. I think it would be wise for teams to try and pick this guy up, he just seems like he is ready to explode on the scene, watch out for Dwayne White in 2007.

Projected: Detroit
Darkhorse: Cleveland

12. Deon Grant FS (JAX)

Although he isn't a huge hitter, he is a veteran and has 18 career interceptions. He is still young, being only 27 years old and he is very reliable playing in all 16 games in his 7 year career. A lot of teams will show interest in signing him and whoever invest in him should get what they payed for, a solid safety that has a knack for being around the ball who is very durable.

Projected: Dallas
Darkhorse: New Orleans

13. Patrick Kerney DE (ATL)

He is very powerful and always seems to get to the quarterback, evidence to his 58 career sacks. He tore his pectoral muscle and missed majority of the year last season but this shouldn't discourage teams from attempting to sign him because he is well ahead of schedule in rehabilitation.

Projected: Minnesota
Darkhorse: Denver

14. Nick Harper CB (IND)

For years he has been the Colts' most reliable corner that plays the run well and has 15 career interceptions. He defends the pass very well and is often tested by opposing quarterbacks, but has came out well as evidence to his 42 pass deflections.

Projected: Arizona
Darkhorse: Minnesota

15. Kevin Curtis WR (STL)

Although he has been the slot receiver for his entire career in St.Louis he is easily a top 2 receiver on most teams. He has great speed and has a lot of teams drooling at his big play potential. He runs routes very well and has good hands to boot. A reunion is expected with Mike Martz in which he should flourish in his pass first schemes.

Projected: Detroit
Darkhorse: none

On the outside looking in:

Jeff Garcia QB (PHI) - Denver or Oakland
Derrick Dockery OG (WAS) - Miami
Drew Bennett WR (TEN)- Tennessee
Jamal Lewis RB (BAL) - Baltimore
Napoleon Harris ILB (MIN) - Minnesota

Recent NFL Cuts:

Joey Porter OLB (PITT) - Miami or San Francisco(depends on who gets Thomas)
Joe Horn WR (NO) - Atlanta???
Fred Smoot CB (MIN) - Washington
Donnie Edwards ILB (SD) - New Orleans
Antonio Bryant WR (SF) - Kansas City(they need a receiver...bad)
Erron Kinney TE (TENN) - Seattle
Jay Feeley K (NYG) - Dallas

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