Friday, June 01, 2007

Breaking News: Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett throw fisticuffs

During the fifth inning of the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs game, Carlos Zambrano imploded and allowed five runs on five hits and he walked two batters. And the inning may have come to a close if it wasn't for Michael Barrett, the Cub's catcher, who first let a ball get passed him then allowed Scott Thorman to score on his throwing error. Obviously Zambrano wasn't very happy with his peformance and it seemed as though the events of Barrett set him off because after the inning Barrett and Zambrano started jawing in the dugout and then fisticuffs insued. A couple of shots by Zambrano, who is 6'5" 255, must've landed because Koyie Hill had to replace Barrett at catcher.

Expect an update when a video is available.

Side Note: I take every advantage to mention "fisticuffs".

UPDATE: Ok, so it looks like no solid punches landed, just shoves....oh well.

UPDATE #2: According, Cubs manager Lou Piniella and hitting coach Gerald Perry had to separate the two a second time, this time in the team's clubhouse.

Piniella's interview isn't up yet, but Ububba from the Braves Journal posted this...

Piniella said the fight continued into the clubhouse after the dugout scrap. He says he sent both players home & “both will be disciplined, believe me.”

“This just shouldn’t happen,” he said, “Go fight the other team, if you have to.”

“When I was with the Yankees, this seemed like it happened a lot, but it still shouldn’t.”

He said he sent Zambrano to the showers & Barrett followed him. “Barrett’s lip is cut up pretty good.”

Then, he really got rolling. “I’ve only got so many players I can send out there and it’s about time they started playing like Major Leaguers!”

UPDATE #3: Here's the video of the Zambrano and Barrett last.

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