Saturday, June 02, 2007

Greg Oden has a great sense of humor

I actually just found Greg Oden's blog via the Blog Show via We are the Postman so bare with me while I catch up.

His three posts(as of right now) are good, they could use some punctioation every now and again, but it's great to be able to read what it's really like going through the draft process with the notion that you're going to be the number one overall pick.

Oden also has a great sense of humor, he deals with all the jokes about him being 40 years old very well, and actually plays along with it, here's a few of his quotes from his comment section.

Portland sounds nice. Do they have dinosaurs? Are they even real? Did you see them in your childhood in 1962.

Well since I was born in 1922 I wouldnt know.

I do however agree with the statement that he could use a proofreader, but then again so could I, but him not having one kind of makes it seem more real(does that make sense?). Anyways I love the fact that he's blogging, he can join the likes of Gilbert Arenas, Ben Gordon etc as NBA stars that have blogs, I just hope he keeps it going through the draft process and his rookie season. Anyways, touche Mr.Oden, here's to more athletes taking up blogging, well Schilling can go ahead and stop.

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