Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yahoo makes me laugh

I'm sure we all know how Yahoo Sports can sometimes exaggerate with live broadcasting. Davey knows all about that when he nearly gave birth to a baby whale when Yahoo's live Draft tracker said Miami had taken Baraka Atkins with their ninth overall pick instead of Brady Quinn, but don't worry they didn't take Atkins, they took Ted Ginn Jr, so it's all good.

But Yahoo has been ever so gracious to post this latest gem, in which they said Kansas City was mutilating the St.Louis Cardinals, 15-0 and Tyler Johnson had given up 20 hits in the first four innings.

There's a couple of things I missed, because I had that stupid auto-refresh thing on, so I missed getting to Thompson's line, which had him giving up 20 hits and 7 walks in 4 2/3 innings and also the part where they had Jim Edmonds batting back-to-back-to-back...well you get the point. But I was able to highlight a few things that piqued my interest.

I love the fact that they had Esteban German going 6-6, also they have Alex Gordon at 4-4 and finally Mark Teahen at 6-7....talk about raising the ole batting average a little.

Another point of interest is their horrible math, now sure I suck at it too, but at least I can add properly, well most of the time...first of all they show St.Louis having 12 hits, but if you add up the hits under the Cardinal's lineup it only adds up to 11 and the same goes with Kansas City, they show them having 19 hits, yet their lineup only adds up to 18. I guess they get points for being close, sure wish I got that treatment.

But alas, the Royals are only beating the Cards, 8-0 and German, Teahen and Gordon aren't quite putting up those numbers, although they are all having good games. Looking at where everyone is now, it seems like they just thought, "what the hell, just double everything, it'll be funner". So that's what they did, cause that's how they roll.

Edit: I forgot to mention that when they had Edmonds batting back-to-back about five times, they were for the Royals, so he somehow managed to hit for the opposing team, while playing defense. Quite impressive Mr. Edmonds...quite impressive indeed.


Davey said...

Giving birth to a baby whale is not the most pleasant of things...

You forgot that they had Edmonds hitting back-to back-to back for the Royals..

Jay said...

hahaha, lemme fix it...

and yes, you know what they say, once you go whale, well you die, cause that's a big penis.

Davey said...

Moby's Dick is massive from what I hear..