Monday, June 04, 2007

Phillip Wellman suspended but not fired

The Atlanta Braves have decided that Phillip Wellman's tirade was enough to earn a three-game suspension. Over the weekend, Mississippi Braves manager, Wellman, was a little eccentric after being ejected for arguing balls and strikes.

  • Throw hat to the ground...check
  • Insult umpire's mother...check
  • Get on one knee and cover home plate in dirt and outline a new plate...check
  • Rip third and second base out of the ground and throw them...check
  • Crawl to the the pitcher's mound and throw the rosin bag like it's a grenade at the umpire...CLASSIC and check

Wellman has yet to hear from the Southern League President, but you can expect he will in due time and expect another suspension. I would've thought his antics would've earned him a longer suspension, but let's see what the prez has to say. Wellman and the Braves have declined to comment on the situation, I can't wait to see that interview.

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