Saturday, June 02, 2007

Phillip Wellman: You ain't seen nothing yet

During Friday night's loss to the Chattanooga Lookouts, Mississippi Braves manager, Phillip Wellman decided to put on a show before leaving after being ejected in the third inning.

Wellman's show started after one ball in the bottom of the third. He burst out of the third-base dugout, flinging his hat behind home plate and getting in the face of plate umpire Brent Rice.

After having his say in a nose-to-nose conversation, Wellman strolled over to the plate and started kicking dirt on it. Then he dropped to a knee, scooped dirt on the plate and outlined a new one in the dirt.

Then Wellman walked down to third base and gave Rusty Barrett, the ump there, a piece of his mind before pulling the base out of the ground as a batboy scampered out of the dugout to reclaim the tossed hat. Wellman headed toward second base and tossed third into center field.

The antics continued.

Wellman crawled up the mound on his elbows and knees and flung the rosin bag toward the plate as if it were a grenade. He went back to second base, pulled it from the ground, grabbed third base and headed toward the clubhouse.

He ended the show by turning to the cheering crowd and waving goodbye.

"That was a pretty good show," Botelho said. "I'd probably rank it No. 1."

Let me be the first, or one of the first to present, one of the greatest freak outs in baseball history...

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