Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kimbo Slice is still a beast!

Kimbo Slice, of internet fame for his brutal streetfights, all of which i've seen quite all the critics last night when he defeated a former olympic gold medalist in a mixed martial arts bout. Kimbo defeated Ray Mercer by way of submission when Kimbo chocked out the former heavyweight champion in the first round. It took him just a minute and a half to get his first career victory.

"Kimbo was the heavy crowd favorite, with fans erupting as he was announced in the ring. The fight was over pretty quick, Kimbo going for a takedown in the early going and took Mercer down. Mercer made it back up where Kimbo began to land knees and began to engage Mercer with punches until coming off with a double leg and placing him in a guillotine choke to make him tap for the submission win at 1:12 of the first round.

The exhibition paid both fighters $50,000, Kimbo received an additional $25,000 for winning and $10,000 for making Mercer tap. Mercer looked every bit his age in the ring."

Like I said before, i'm a big fan of Kimbo and his street fights, the guy is a tank, no question about and now that he's proven that he's not just a brawler, that he can actually compete against "real fighters", I think he's going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come, I just hope he gets into the UFC soon.

Here's the video from last night's fight.

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