Monday, June 25, 2007

Chipper and Smoltz make up...hopefully we'll start winning

As many may have noticed, i haven't been posting too much as of late, sure me moving was a very big part, but even more so was the fact that it's been embarrassing to be a Braves fan right now. I mean it's not just the fact that they're losing, we're getting humiliated, shut out like every day. It's very disheartening. And when news broke a few days ago that my two favorite players, and our two leaders were fighting, well let's just say it was the icing on the cake.

Apparently Chipper Jones and John Smoltz were taking their frustrations out on each other, mostly caused by losing im sure, and well Smoltz talked to the media and kind of insinuated that he wished Chipper would play more and maybe his injuries were as bad as it seemed. Well Chipper, obviously didn't take this well and fired back at Smoltz through the media too. Words were exchanged for about two days but I highly doubt fisticuffs ensued.

But after the two days of going at each other through the media, Chipper, Smoltz and Bobby Cox sat down, face-to-face and worked out their problems. So all seems to be fine in Atlanta, well you know except for the whole shitting themselves every night thing.

"Total misunderstanding," said Smoltz, making a brief comment to the media and not taking questions. "It's over with. There won't be a problem the rest of the time we're teammates."

Jones was more verbose. He said he apologized to Smoltz for his reaction to what he thought was Smoltz singling him out for sitting out Friday's game.

"Obviously there was a misunderstanding and I apologized to him for my comments in [Saturday's] interviews," Jones said. "He assured me that he wasn't singling me out. And that was pretty much it."

More comments from the two after the jump to the AJC.

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