Wednesday, June 13, 2007

James Toney just can't get enough of the roids'

Three-time champion, James Toney tested positive for two different types of steroids after his victory over Danny Batchelder, who also tested positive for two different types as well. This is the second time that Toney's test have came back positive and it could mean a one-year suspension from boxing.

"Toney tested positive for boldenone and stanazolol, and Batchelder tested positive for stanazolol and oxandolone, Garcia said. If they don't appeal, the boxers would be suspended one year from the date of their fight."

Despite both fighters testing positive, the California State Athletic Commission's executive officer, Armando Garcia said that the fight will still count. Toney won the fight with a split decision and his impressive yet tainted record improved to 70-6-3 with 43 knockouts while Batchelder's now stands at 25-5-1 with 12 knockouts.

The first time Toney tested for steroids was two years ago when he tested positive for nandrolone, and it cost him a victory over WBC heavyweight champion John Ruiz. That fight was ruled a "no-contest".

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