Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ladies..."Hot Blogger Bracket" ends in more embarrassment for me

A couple of weeks ago, Davey came across a web-site holding a "Hot Blogger Tournament" in which bloggers of the male persuasion would send in a picture and a post that best signified their writing abilities in hopes of cracking the Ladies... top 88 and receive blogger immortality, or at least a mini-pony trophy and a complimentary coffee mug. Well after hours of strenuous debate(about ten minutes) I decided, "what the hell, what's the worst thing that can happen, they tell me I'm ugly and mock me?", so I sent in a horrendous picture of myself and a post that did the exact opposite of showing off my "writing ability". And about three seconds after pressing the send button, I started thinking, the whole "tell me I'm ugly(which has been documented by numerous woman before) and use my picture as fodder for their entertainment" was the worst possible thing that could happen.

But alas the email had already been sent, so I would have to endure whatever insults that were thrown at me and my really bad facial hair, you see for some reason unbenounced to me, my "facial hair" grows in patches, it looks horrible, and it leads many people to think that I am a homeless person and it usually ends up in discriminating stares but they give me change every once and a while, so I take the good with the bad. Back to what I was saying, I actually pretty much forgot about the whole thing, before today, when I got an e-mail from Davey, saying that we had both made the cut and I was a #22 seed(the last seed, bleh) and was getting destroyed by the #1 seed, some guy also by the name of Jay and a Braves fan, coincidence, I think NOT. Anyway his blog is Sports Gone South, you should check it out.

Anyways to make a long story short, I lost, well it's not over yet, but I've pretty much put aside all hope, it's hard to make up 54% but it's not that big of deal, I mean it's not like I was expecting to make the cut let alone win the first round so I could just say the customary "I'm just honored to be mentioned along with these guys" and although it's very cliche, it's true. Oh and a side note, Davey is winning his first round matchup against a guy by the name of Ryan over at Let's Go Buff-a-lo! right now, 61% to 39%. And for your viewing pleasure, here is the place for you can vote for me and Davey.

Note to Self: When trying to impress girls, don't send in a pic of you with your cat, it won't end well. Here's a pic of me and Davey, be gentle.

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Sports Gone South said...

It was the cat, my man, it was the cat. That and the creepy backwards A on that hat.

Good to "meet" you as a result of this; I'm throwing a link to you up on the site. (Seemed the least I could do.) Drop me a line if you ever want to throw a post my way, and when you've got cool stuff for a link. Talk to you soon!