Friday, June 08, 2007

I was just slightly off my prediction

Earlier I mentioned that the Braves were getting abused without remorse to the Chicago Cubs, well it didn't get any better, we ended up losing 9-1. Thanks in large part to Alfonso Soriano, he hit three homeruns in the game, all before the fifth inning. But for some reason, after the fourth, we figured out how to pitch to him as he was unable to crush another to tie the all-time single game record which is four, held by multiple players but the only ones I can think of are Shawn Green, Mike Cameron and....yeah that's all, holy shit this sentence just keeps on going doesn't it? Finally it ended.

Long story short, the Braves are playing about as well as California's Justice system, Ba-Zing! And pitchers like Lance Cormier aren't helping, he's currently sporting a 15.26 to go along with an 0-2 record, and yes, it's very hard to continue to defend my team against assholes, er I mean good friends of mine that happen to be fans of other teams....that get facials from amphibians, and I don't mean with apricot scrub. But I do love how Bobby Cox can still be optimistic during our recent plummet, ok, to say we're plummeting is harsh, we're still in second place, but we're playing like shit with out Chipper Jones and it's beginning to get real old, at this point I'd rather sit through a "Golden Girls" marathon.

"Cormier was just a little bit here, a little bit there," Cox said.

"The stuff's there. It's there. It's just, he's rusty."

Sure Bobby, let's go with that, I personally would've phrased it differently but that's just me. All I can do right now is get in the fetal position and weather the storm, hopefully this slump passes through and we get back on track. And Chipper comes back at 100%.

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