Sunday, June 03, 2007

Johnnie Morton might want to consider a career change...again

Johnnie Morton's debut in mixed martial arts didn't quite go as expected, as he was knocked the hell out in just 38 seconds of the first round. He was put to sleep by a comedian of all people, named Bernard Ackah, Ackah connected with a devastating right hand to Morton's temple knocking him unconcisence. Morton stayed on the mat for a few moments before getting fitted with a neck brace and taken off on a stretcher.

Morton was awake and talking with paramedics after he was strapped onto the stretcher, he was also moving his head and arms, he was later taken to California Hospital as a precautionary measure. But he was suspended indefinitely by the California State Athletic Commission for refusing to take a post-fight banned substance test.

The former USC Trojan star displayed skill that suggested he'd have trouble defeating a Bozo the Clown bop bag. He ran at Ackah throwing wild punches, all of which missed or did little to no damage, and he showed the defensive skill of Jeff Kent. He looked to be in great shape, but he had no right in being in the ring.

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