Monday, June 04, 2007

Odell Thurman > Pac Man Jones and Chris Henry

The insanity just will not stop, With Leather is reporting that he got an email from a tipster that attended a house party with Bengal's troubled linebacker, Odell Thurman and he said Thurman kicked the shit out of some guy and later returned with an "entourage" equiped with guns. Matt Ufford put it so much better, here's what he said.

According to the tipster, Thurman attended a house party in his hometown of Monticello, Georgia Saturday night. At around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning, he was grinding on another partygoer's girlfriend, which upset the partygoer in question. Said partygoer asked Thurman to stop, then returned his attention to a game of pool. The rest of the story, according to the email I received:

Big mistake. Thurman ran up to the guy, pushed him down, and kicked the shit out of his face knocking the guy out. He then left, and moments later came back with his entourage carrying guns. Some of the people there were able to calm him down, and get him to leave for good.
The Monticelloo Police Department couldn't provide me with any details, and I got voicemail when I called the county courthouse. But you can expect to see charges filed against Thurman by the end of the day, and Len Pasquarelli will probably have the full story sometime later this afternoon. You know, if this is all true.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with the host of the party. Although he was upstairs when the fight began, he corroborated the story above. And to be fair to Thurman, it appears that he returned with guns and friends with guns only after people at the party pulled guns on him.

SECOND UPDATE: A tipster sent along the picture below, which is supposedly of the victim's cut lip, courtesy Odell's foot. I've also received word that Thurman tried to buy his victim's silence. And just for fun: it was on Friday that Thurman got sentenced to six days in rehab with two years probation for his DUI conviction.

He also included a picture of the guy who was supposedly kicked in the face by Thurman and well, he looks pretty bad. I fully expect, if it's true, this guy to press charges on Thurman, who would then go to jail and subsequently be released from the Bengals. Which sucks because he had a hell of a rookie season back in 2005 when he made 106 tackles, 1.5 sacks and 5 interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. But has since then been suspended multiple times including a one-year ban from the league last season. But even with all that the Bengal's were willing to give him another chance at resuming his career in Cincinnati but with this latest news, i'd be surprised if he remains on the roster.

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