Saturday, June 09, 2007

What did I tell you....Chad Johnson beat a horse in a race

I believe it was just ten days when I posted that Chad Johnson of my Cincinnati Bengal's, was set to race a thoroughbred horse, you may also remember I said that he was going to kick that horse's ass and there would be no photo finish.

"We're about to see a man kick a horse's ass everyone, photo finish my ass, Chad is gonna make this horse cry."

Well the race was held today, at River Downs and the competition was set in hopes that the crowd would get to see a photo finish, so Chad was going to run 110 yards while the horse was set to run 220 yards. And to add more drama, I guess, the jockey, P.J. Cookey, was the same jockey on the horse that beat Chris Collinsworth in a photo finish back in 1993. Well unlike Collinsworth, my man Chad kicked the shit out of the horse, it wasn't even close as Chad won the race by twelve "horse" lengths.

Draped in black-and-orange silks emblazoned with No. 85 and “Ocho Cinco,” Chad Johnson eighty-sixed a four-year-old thoroughbred in Saturday’s showdown at River Downs.

Before a raucous Belmont day crowd of about 8,000 that Johnson fired up along the rail of the interior turf track as he warmed up, the Bengals Pro Bowl wide receiver beat Restore The Roar by 12 horse lengths and then called for a rematch this summer that would be more fair for the beast.

The horse, ridden by P.J. Cooksey, once the winningest female jockey of all time, ran about 220 yards, or a furlong, while Johnson had a 110-yard head start and ran one--16th of a mile.

It was Restore The Roar’s fourth race in a career known mainly for distance, and his first run on grass. Still, the result surprised many veteran horse observers.

“That is a very fast man,” said Cooksey, who beat Bengals receiver Cris Collinsworth in a photo finish in 1993. “Kudos to Chad. If we had the same start I’m not sure we still could have beat him.”

Johnson, of course, said he had it all the way. With all proceeds going to his favorite charity, “Feed The Children,” Johnson had a message for the NFL.

“Ray (Lewis), Ed (Reed), DeAngelo (Hall), you all saw that,” said Johnson after a quick appearance on ESPN. “We’re going to Arizona (site of the Super Bowl).”
So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth, ok, I apologize for that it was pretty lame. I've heard rumors that Chad is going to be racing 100 midgets, but that's just rumors, I can't confirm or deny that one.

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