Sunday, June 24, 2007

Look out John McGraw....heeeere's Bobby

During the ninth inning of yet another loss by the Atlanta Braves, Braves manager, Bobby Cox was ejected for the 131st time tying him with John McGraw for the all-time record. Cox was ejected after coming to the aid of Braves catcher, Brian McCann, who had been ejected moments before for arguing a called third strike with home umpire Chad Fairchild. And just like Bobby he wasn't concerned with the record in the least bit.

"He was our only [bleeping] catcher we had left," said Cox, who had used backup catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia as a pinch-hitter.

The Braves went on to lose the game, 2-1 as the Detroit Tiger's flamethrower, Justin Verlander lived up to his name with improving to 9-2 on the season and throwing 100+ MPH late in the game. Chipper Jones, who hit his 13th homerun, which leads the team, on the season was amazed with Verlander's velocity.
"My god, that guy's throwing 100 miles an hour in the sixth inning," Jones said. "You're not going to mount much against him. It's really tough for the best hitters in baseball to put that in play consistently."

And on a side note, Andruw Jones continues to piss me off more than I thought was possible, as his batting average has officially fallen under the "Mendoza line" which is .200
. Druw is hitting .198 with 11 homeruns and 42 RBIs. Shit who knows maybe this is a blessing in disguise, seeing as how him sucking is a huge understatement and this being his contract year, maybe we can afford to re-sign him now. But then again maybe we'll still end up trading him, to the whitesox possibly...

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