Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chad Johnson is going to embarrass a horse

According to Ben Maller, Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver, Chad Johnson, will race a horse on June 9th at River Downs.

To benefit the charity "Feed the Children," Johnson will try to match strides with a 4-year-old colt named Restore the Roar over RD's turf course.

The event, billed as "Man vs. Beast," will be the feature race and will be simulcast to more than 400 outlets across the country and in South America.

The horse will break from the inside from a starting gate at the eighth pole, and Johnson will break from the outside rail going 11/16 of a mile to the wire. The distances are calculated to create a photo finish.

We're about to see a man kick a horse's ass everyone, photo finish my ass, Chad is gonna make this horse cry. Me and Davey once entered a three-legged race against a couple of drug induced pandas...and we inevitably lost by 14 lenghts, we like to think we put in a good effort.

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