Monday, May 21, 2007

Bengals release Nicholson, troubles keep mounting

You guessed it, still on pinch-hitting duties....

A.J. Nicholson got released by the Cincinnati Bengals today, just hours after appearing in court for allegedly hitting his girlfriend in the eye. Nicholson was arrested on Friday but the woman told a judge today that she had hit herself in the eye with her phone, and that it wasn't Nicholson.

Well whatever happened, the Bengals have had enough and have released Nicholson, who was going to be a part of their mix at linebacker. It's just another ugly mark on a franchise that just can't steer clear from incidents like this.

Reports also came in today that Chris Henry failed a drug test and that he might be heading to jail, but his agent has since said that it isn't true. I really can't imagine what Marvin Lewis must be thinking right now. If I'm Marvin, I'd be on the verge of quiting or challenging every single player on the roster to a bloody fist fight. I mean, how much longer can this keep going on...

Either way, the Bengals find themselves with even more holes at linebacker, a position that has been somewhat "cursed", if I may use such terms. David Pollack might never play again after breaking his neck, Odell Thurman is still in the doghouse after his troubles and now follows the release of Nicholson.

It's sad when you think of how talented these guys are and how they could've been part of a great young nucleus...but for some reason they can't keep out of trouble.


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