Sunday, May 06, 2007

Live Blog: Los Angeles Dodgers @ Atlanta Braves

Top of the 9th inning: Mike Gonzalez came in for Soriano. Gonzo came in and gave up a hit to the other Gonzo, the Louis version and after that was unhittable. He made LaRoche pop up to second, then overpowered Russell Martin, who came in for Ethier and struck him out and then he got Lieberthal to pop out to 1st base. Braves win 6-4.

Bottom of the 8th inning: In the bottom half of the eighth inning we ended up getting two man on, Frenchy reached on an error by Kent and then Andruw was walked but we couldn't get either one of them in.

Top of the 8th inning: Rafael Soriano relieved Chad Paronto and got the Dodgers to go down in order, Pierre and Kent both flied out and Nomar grounded out.

Bottom of the 7th inning: This was a huge inning for the Braves, it started off a walk to Willie Harris and then a double by Kelly Johnson and then a 2-run double scoring both of them. After that Francoeur fouled out and Andruw was walked then Chipper came in to pinch hit and was called out on a ridiculous check swing call, both he and Bobby Cox argued and were tossed from the game. After that subsided Thorman came up to pinch hit for Wilson and promptly hit an RBI single and then Salty, who had just got his first major league hit the inning before, got his first major league RBI off of a single. And even the worthless waste that is Chris Woodward got into the mix and hit an RBI single. Braves now lead 6-4.

Top of the 7th inning: Davies pitched great today but in the end he couldn't get out of the 7th inning, he was relieved by Chad Paronto after giving up a 2-run pinch hit homerun to Wilson Betemit. But Salty bailed us out again with that golden arm of his...throwing out one of the fastest players in baseball, Furcal.

Bottom of the 6th inning: Jarrod Saltalamacchia got his first major league hit, but it was to no avail as we get the bases loaded with one out and fucking Woodward grounds into a double play. Fuck that guy....Dodgers still lead 2-1.

Top of the 6th inning: There we go, back to normal, a 1-2-3 inning for Davies, much much better. Now if we can only score some runs.

Bottom of the 5th inning: Another three up three down inning for Wolf, this guy is beginning to piss me off.

Top of the 5th inning: Horrible meltdown of an inning for Davies, first Ethier knocked in LaRoche, then Davies threw another error this time into centerfield and then Lieberthal hit an RBI single to score Ethier and finally three batters later he got out of it with just giving up 2 runs, it could've been a lot worse. Dodgers lead 2-1.

Bottom of the 4th inning: Wolf gets another three up three down inning. With Salty, Woodward and Davies all going down.

Top of the 4th inning: Wow, Kyle Davies is really dealing right now, another three up-three down inning for him included in that is another two guys giving him a total of six strikeouts so far.

Bottom of the 3rd inning: Once again we leave guys on base with Andruw and Wilson both striking out and before them he struck out Renteria. Both pitchers are cruising.

Top of the 3rd inning: Another easy inning for Davies, what is going on with him, he's pitching like he did when he first came up, I'm loving it.

Bottom of the 2nd inning: After Chris Woodward just missed a homerun, Wolf came back and struck out both Davies and Johnson.

Top of the 2nd inning: Another pretty easy inning for Kyle Davies, he did throw a ball away giving him an error but no harm done has he got a couple of fly outs and then struck out Ethier to end the inning.

Bottom of the 1st inning: Braves get one on the bored on a Matt Diaz RBI single. KJ grounded out to lead off, Renteria then singled to extend his hitting streak to 15 games, Francoeur hen walked for the eleventh time this season and Andruw struck out. Next up was Diaz, who as you know knocked in a run, then after him Craig Wilson walked and then Saltalamacchia struck out on a bad call with the bases loaded. Braves lead 1-0

Top of the 1st inning: Kyle Davies looks good, getting them 1-2-3 three and striking out Furcal and Nomar. He walked Pierre on 4 straight pitches but Salty picked him off on first. Great start for Davies.

Today’s lineups

Los Angeles

1. Rafael Furcal SS
2. Juan Pierre CF
3. Nomar Garciaparra 1B
4. Jeff Kent 2B
5. Louis Gonzalez LF
6. Andy LaRoche 3B
7. Andre Ethier RF
8. Mike Liberthal C
9. Randy Wolf P


1. Kelly Johnson 2B
2. Edgar Renteria SS
3. Jeff Francoeur RF
4. Andruw Jones CF
5. Matt Diaz LF
6. Criag Wilson 1B
7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
8. Chris Woodward 3B
9. Kyle Davies P

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