Tuesday, May 08, 2007

All of these people should stick with their day jobs.

All of this artwork(???) comes courtesy of WithLeather. And um, well there's nothing really to say, it's true a picture does say 1,000 words(such as, what the fuck is that? and was he drunk when he drew that? and ecstasy is a hell of a drug, to name a few).

This first picture was drawn by the Cleveland Browns quarterback, Brady Quinn.

Here is former Dallas Cowboy's head coach, Barry Switzer's drawing.

Here is New York Giant's defensive end, Michael Strahan. I love the quote from Whowillsexmutombo: "Strahan's wife took his artistic ability in the divorce."

And finally here is Carolina Panther's defensive end, Mike Rucker's drawing. Apparently giant footballs can drive and shoot fire out of their tailpipes......sweeet!

There is many more drawings from sorta-celebrities over at Daytona.com.

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