Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Marcus Vick is unemployed again.

The Miami Dolphins aren't done cleaning house yet, they just released the one player that would bring them back to glory help them take over the league lead in team arrests. Today the Dolphins released Marcus Vick, who was mostly on the team's practice squad, but did manage to make one appearance for the Phins, week 15 against the New York Jets.

Vick, signed last season as a free agent receiver after a troubled career as Virginia Tech's quarterback, was among three players waived by the Dolphins on Tuesday.

Vick was kicked off Virginia Tech's team following his junior year after repeated brushes with the law and other misbehavior. Last December, a 17-year-old girl who claimed she had a two-year sexual relationship with Vick filed a $6.3 million lawsuit against him, alleging sexual battery upon a minor, infliction of emotional distress, fraud and other charges.

Vick also stomped on current Denver Broncos defensive end, Elvis Dumervil back in 2006 during the Gator Bowl. In which the Hokies made an impressive comeback, just thought i'd throw that in there. It isn't known right now, but I would be surprised to see him back on a team's roster anytime this year, he had a great junior season at Tech, but hasn't really shown much that would leave teams to believe he could be a solid number four receiver at best. Some team with special team problems could take a chance on him, but I just don't know.

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