Thursday, May 31, 2007

A picture is worth 1,000 words...or in this case questions

This was taken from last night's game 2 of the NHL Stanley Cup which the Anaheim Mighty Ducks beat the Ottawa Senators, 1-0 to further extend their lead in the series 2-0. It's of Snoop Dogg wearing what appears to be a fake mustache sitting next to who I would assume to be his son. But this pitcher asks more questions than it's a small portion of the questions that entered my mind when I first saw this picture.

1. Why is Snoop in a disguise, it's not like their is anyone there that could spot him...just check out Lion in Oil.

2. What the fuck! I thought the high-top fade went out of style when Patrick Ewing retired...looks like lil' Snoop is trying to bring it back.

3. Remember to get milk tonight.

Via Deadspin and Lion in Oil(also via Deadspin)

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