Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hey, Nobody makes Steve Nash bleed his own blood!

During the fourth quarter of the opening game in the second round between the Suns and Spurs, two-time MVP, Steve Nash and Spurs' guard, Tony Parker colided head-to-head. Nash's nose hit Parker's forehead and it left a nasty gash on Nash's nose that wouldn't stop gushing blood for sometime.

After Parker stole Nash's pass, the two collided head-to-head in the San Antonio backcourt. Parker fell to the floor. Nash initially thought Parker was the one who was hurt, and went to ask if he was all right, not knowing his nose was covered in blood.

He was treated on the bench and was able to return and even hit a big three pointer with 2:25 left in the game and it tied the game at 102. Although he was able to return to the game to hit the three, he did miss 54 crucial seconds because blood was oozing around his bandaged nose and in time, the Spurs were able to finish off the Suns, 111-106.

"You only see things like that in a boxing match," the Spurs' Robert Horry said, "where a guy cuts his nose and it won't stop bleeding. You feel bad for the guy because you want to have the best team out there at the end of the game, and he wasn't out there."

Nash was able to lead the Sun's in scoring with 31 points, he also added 8 assists and 3 rebounds and after the game, his gash required six stitches to close.

And for the hell of it, here's where I got the brilliant(yeah right) idea for my title.

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