Sunday, May 13, 2007

Morneau breaks his nose by a bouncing ball

During the eighth inning of the Twin's eventual 8-2 loss to the Detroit Tigers, the reinging MVP, Justin Morneau, was hit in the face by a bouncing ball. Morneau's nose broke when his teammate, Nick Punto attempted to turn a double play after he had caught a line-drive but his ball was thrown poorly and it took a big bounce hitting Morneau square in the nose.

"Just tops it all out," said Morneau, who had his nose reset and planned to play on Sunday.

The Minnesota Twins will try to stop the bleeding as they try to avoid the sweep later today when they play the Tigers again. The Twins have Boof Bonser starting and Detroit have Virgil Vasquez making his major league debut and also his first start.

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