Friday, May 04, 2007

Huge third quarter puts Warriors' past Mavs, 115-86

The Golden State Warriors did the unthinkable, the took down the the sixth greatest team regular season team of all-time, at least by their record, which was an astounding 67-15. But throughout the regular the Warriors seemed to have the Mav's number, whether it was the run and shoot style of the Warriors that matched up so well with them or it was more of a mental thing seeing as how their former coach, Don Nelson, is now coaching the Warriors. But whatever it was it worked as Golden State became only the third 8th seed to ever upset the #1 seed in NBA history by winning the series four games to two. But I think the people over at Golden State of Mind said it best, it was all heart that won this series.

The heart of Baron, who served as an inspiration to this team, even though his own physical pain. The heart of Beidrins, who grew up in front of our very eyes this season. The heart of Jason Richardson, who took personal responsibility for our previous seasons failures and deserves tons of credit for our current status. The heart of Barnes, who has finally found his home and his role with this ballclub. The heart of Pietrus, who is developing into the perfect supplemental shooter and defender. The heart of Jackson, who consistently elevates himself to the elite in this league with every passing game. The heart of Nellie, who had the courage to recognize his team for the talent that they are, and not for the typecast the media wants them to be.

But perhaps most important, the heart of the fans, who have not only loyally stood by this organization through all of its... well, let's face it, downs; but who single-handedly turned the Oracle Arena into the LOUDEST, MOST FEARED VENUE FOR AN OPPOSING TEAM TO SET FOOT IN.

Stephen Jackson avoided suspension for his ejection in game 5, which was his second in the series, and good thing he did, because it was his third quarter that really put the Warriors in front of the favored Mavs. Jackson hit four 3-points in the third on route to his game high, 33 points.

"I wanted to be aggressive," Jackson said. "Baron came out and told me he wasn't feeling as good as he had in previous games, and he wanted me to carry us. I wanted to stay focused, not worry about calls, not get too emotional, just bring my energy with my play."

Baron Davis, on just one good leg, scored 20 points along with 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Davis has been the leader of this young yet talented team. And Davis is going to have give everything he has left, if the Warriors are going to have more success in the second round against the winner of the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz game. And if Jessica Alba likes the Warriors, then I like the Warriors.

Also, Henry Abbott of True Hoop has a great article on the rise and fall of the MVP favorite, Dirk Nowitzki in the playoffs.

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