Monday, May 28, 2007

Some words of advice for mister Nicholson

Davey asked me to do a guest post for him over at Blowncoverage. So here it is.

Jay was the first one to step up to the plate for a guest post on the wasteland, and he drops a beauty for former Bengals linebacker A.J. Nicholson. So, without any further delay, here's Jay from My Sports Talk and my partner in blog crime over at Hokies and 'Canes.

While in my absence, Davey did a post for me about how troubled linebacker, A.J. Nicholson had been released from the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday leaving the former Florida State standout unemployed. Well now he's no longer unemployed, no it's not what you're thinking, he didn't sign with someone. He's actually going to making license plates and serving what is said to be "chili" in the Leon County Jail.

Officials at the Leon County, Fla., jail confirmed Saturday afternoon that Nicholson is being held there for allegedly violating the terms of his probation. The Cincinnati Enquirer first reported Saturday that Nicholson had been jailed in Florida.

A spokesperson said Nicholson will be held in the jail until a probation revocation hearing is convened, but could not say when that hearing is scheduled.

Back in 2006, Nicholson was placed on two years' probation in Florida after he served 60 days at a work camp on charges that he broke into the apartment of former Seminoles teammate, Lorenzo Booker, who is now with the Miami Dolphins, while still in college. And then last week he was charged with a misdemeanor assault charge after allegedly striking the mother of his two-year-old son, Victoria Johnson.

This shit is getting ridiculous, I mean all the arrests and suspensions, it really takes a toll on your loyalty to your team. I'm just glad we got this cancer out of the organization, and hopefully we can start to get some of our dignity back in Cincy. We seem to be on the right track as of right now, I mean we released Nicholson, we won't have Chris Henry for majority of the season which is great for the locker room but it sucks on the field because the kid has immense talent and according to reports, Ahmad Brooks has been doing great both off the field and on the field. Some may remember Brooks was kicked off of Virgina's football team for countless run ins with the law. And he may even earn a starting job if he keeps on progressing.

Here is a small list of necessities that everyone should have before going to I heard.

1. Soap on a rope- For Obvious reasons

2. Funny glasses- No late night escapades can happen if they think you're still awake.

3. A Do Not Enter tattoo- Everyone gets prison tattoos, why not get one that gets the message across, use your imagination on placement of this ink.

Ok, I think that about does it prison rape for one day. Good luck A.J. on the whole federal bust me in the ass prison thing.

- Jay

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