Saturday, May 05, 2007

Late rounds keep the Pretty Boy's record unblemished

Floyd Mayweather Jr defeated Oscar De La Hoya tonight by a split decision to remain a perfect 38-0. It was a pretty entertaining fight and although De La Hoya didn't win, he looked great in the early and middle rounds, but it was said that stamina would have a factor in this fight and it definitely did. Oscar really started showing signs of wearing down. I personally thought that Mayweather won the fight unanimously but there are reasons why i'm not a judge.

De La Hoya definitely pressed the fight, backing "Pretty Boy" into the ropes many times and pounding him with body shot after body shot, all of which didn't have a huge effect. The crowd was, i'd say about 90-95% in favor for Oscar and they showed it whenever one of the many barrage of punches by De La Hoya. I've seen Mayweather fight a few times and each time he impresses me more and more with his excellent accuracy and speed, the guy is seriously untouchable at times. After the fight Mayweather said he has every attention at retiring, and all though he sounded sincere, I highly doubt he will call it quits, he loves the sport and the spotlight way too much to give it up. And he's only 30 years old. I have a strong feeling neither one of these champions are done yet and on a side note, Oscar De La Hoya's wife, Millie, is fucking beautiful.

Punch Track:

De La Hoya: Thrown- 587 Landed- 122 Accuracy- 20.7%

Mayweather: Thrown- 481 Landed- 207 Accuracy- 43%

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