Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nets and Bulls fall to 0-2

Yeah, so far the second round is not being too kind to my teams, as they have both fallen behind to 0-2. The Chicago Bulls are currently getting a colonic with a rusty hook every other night from Detroit Pistons and for the Nets, well to say that they are getting dominated on the boards would be a severe understatement.

I have figured out, with my superior math skills(adding and subtraction, it's a bitch) I have found that the Nets have been out rebounded by the Cavaliers overall, 100-69 and on the offensive side of the ball, Cavs are also destroying the Nets on the offensive boards, 39-12. Obviously something must change and soon. I feel that we will play better now that we're going back home and hopefully we can tie this bitch up, SON!

There isn't much to say about the Bulls and Pistons series. This one has every inkling that it's going to be a four game sweep. The Bulls haven't shown anything, at least to me, that leads me to believe that they can somehow salvage this. Chicago is a very young team and they were very impressive in their four-game sweep of the reigning NBA Champions but they are very inexperienced, talented, but inexperienced and if the Pistons and Spurs have shown to everyone over the past few years, it's experience and defense(it's cliche, but it's true) wins Championships.

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