Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Battle of the 5'7" dunkers

While I was searching for Pauly Shore's greatest hits, I happened to stumble upon these clips of two different guys, both of which say they're 5'7" showing off what kids these days call "mad skills". I'm about six foot and if I attempted to dunk it would end up with humiliation, a broken rib(or two) a busted spleen and noises that only a six year old girl should make.

Anyways, here's the first of our two competitors...oh yeah did I mention this is a competition, well it is, so pick the winner. The first of the competitors is Frank, he's 5'7" and he's doing his best to prove that white man CAN jump, but guys like this aren't really helping his cause.

If you like Frank, here's his YouTube page with more videos.

Here's the second of the two competitors, his name is Marcus Walls aka Oh-No and he's also 5'7 and sportin' a 120cm vertical leap. If you want to see more videos by Marcus visit here. Actually i'm not sure if any of the other two videos are of him or not.

My pick is by far Marcus Walls, this kid must have an extra thigh muscle or something.

EDIT: Bonus pic, here's the only type of dunking you will ever see me attempting and even then I have to cheat.

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