Monday, May 07, 2007

Alexander: Foot still broken? I'll never tell.

Apparently Shaun Alexander's foot may still be broken. He wouldn't go into that many details but he did say that he might have played the final four months of the season while his foot was still cracked and it may still be cracked heading into the 2007 training camp.

From ESPN:

"I don't even want to get another X-ray until after this camp," a smiling Alexander said after his fourth consecutive day of occasionally carrying the ball during no-contact, no-pads drills. "If the X-ray shows it's still cracked, it's like, 'OK. What does that mean?'"

Last winter, it meant team doctors finally clearing him to play because they deemed remote the risk of completely breaking through a crack in the fourth metatarsal. He sat out seven weeks because of an injury that began as a severe bruise sustained when a Detroit Lions tackler fell on it during the season opener.

In his second game back, Alexander plowed through the snow for 201 yards on a Seattle-record 40 carries against Green Bay. He averaged 112 yards per game over the final six weeks of the regular season, and finished the year with 896 yards rushing and seven touchdowns in 10 games.

Yeah, I know all about his 2006-07 "performance", I was the idiot that took Alexander number one overall in one of my fantasy drafts instead of LaDaianian Tomlinson, who I think I heard he might have had a pretty decent season. That is a decision that gets me mocked to this very day. And of course I came in second to last in that league.

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